Strategic sectors
All the advantages of Europe just 90 km away from Africa

With all the infrastructures, services and advantages of the European lifestyle, the Canary Islands enjoy a privileged geo-strategic position to operate efficiently in Africa.



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  • Morgan Veyna - Director of Global Inventory

    "The location allows us to make good on our commitment of ‘speed to market.’"

    APR Energy provides cost-efficient reliable electricity, on a fast-track basis, anywhere in the world. We leverage state-of-the art technology and industry-leading expertise to provide utility and industrial customers with fuel-efficient turnkey plants that are rapidly deployed, customizable, and scalable.

  • Oliver Hermening - CEO

    "The islands offer a perfect combination of business and quality of life"

    DRY ROCK ENERGY (DRE) is a pioneer in Spain in the area of exploration, research and implementation of geo-thermal projects. DRE is in partnership with a Norwegian Technology company that has geo-thermal projects and plants in operation in Kenya and Indonesia and holds the best technology and the most advanced patents in the industry. From the Canary Islands, they are set to tackle future projects in Peru and Cape Verde

  • Julius Espedal Jose Manuel Rodríguez Macias
    Director Atos Consulting Canarias

    "The geo-strategic location of the Islands provides us with connections between three continents"

    Atos Canarias, an Atos Group company, the largest European capital ICT company with some 200 employees in the Islands. They specialise both in the Public Sector and as an SD and HD centre...

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